In Meva Elderly Nursinghome, We have been organizing games that we think contributing to mental health of our guests in order to have them make use of their spare time, strengthen their memories and doing mind exercises. We have been organizing Okey Competition by forming groups from guests of our Elderly Nursinghome and spend cheerful hours together.

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Nursing Home Truth
Bakımevi Gerçeği

“ Nobody wants to be sick or in need of care when got old. Unfortunately, conditions sometimes require that. We get old, get sick and become in need of care. At that time, we can get care service at our home or in an institution. It’s our right to get most qualified and best care.

Especially if we get that care from an institution. It’s our right to demand and get most qualified care both for our physical and psychological health. If we are cared in an institution where we get correct care and rehabilitiation services, course of our disease would be much better. Thus, our fothcoming life will be much longer, qualified and cheerful.

This is the wish of both patients and families.